5 Best Travelling Destination In The World

Best Travelling Destination

Best Travelling Destination is not made in a day. Years of cultural history and heritage combine to add value to a place. Although travelling might differ from vacation in some aspects, the quest for knowing new places leads you to move further. There are many places all across the globe that can take your breath away. If we are to make a list of it, pages will fall short. To name a few bests of them here is a list of 5 best destinations you must opt for when travelling comes in your head. 

Dubai – One Of The Best Travelling Destination

Built on a desert Dubai is purely a piece of modern architecture. The skyscrapers make the city stand out from the other cities. The modern mix of cultural diversity and marvellous architecture combines together to make it a must-visit place in the world. From Gold Souk to Burj Khalifa, Dubai offers a variety of options for a traveller. If you are looking for some cityscape this place is a must for you.

Guide On Best Travelling Destination
Guide On Best Travelling Destination

The Dead Sea Will Make You Feel Alive

The amazing fact about the Dead Sea is not new to anyone. It has a very high salinity which makes you float in the water. The place is located on the border of Israel and Jordan. Thus you have options to explore two more countries. Also, Petra, which is one of the seven wonders in the world, is very close to the Dead Sea. You can feel the holiness only after you drop in the water and get pushed to eventually float on it. It is one of the best destinations to go along with your travel partner.

What Makes Jamaica The Best Travelling Destination?

If you are picturing anywhere with warmth, beaches and delicious food, Jamaica will top the list. The dance culture coupled with a variety of food will give you reasons to make it as your travelling destination. Do you like museums and cultural heritage? You have it in Jamaica. What more reason you need to visit this place? Bob Marley was from here too. Period.

Kashmir In India

If there is heaven on this planet, it is in Kashmir. It is filled with beautiful landscapes and snow-capped mountains. The beauty will make you cry. Pahalgam, Gulmarg and Sonmarg are just the cherries of this cake called Kashmir. Once you visit Kashmir, you will want to come here again and again. The rich culture and amalgamation of different dialects make the place worth visiting once in your lifetime. 

Best Travelling Destination For Vacation
Best Travelling Destination For Vacation


One of the most visited European destinations, Norway is a must-visit place. Norway is known for the northern lights, glaciers, forested hills and cities that are antique. Ever tried husky safari? Norway offers you this. Hiking trails and delicious seafood are also things that make up for Norway. Norwegian fjords are very popular for their preserved landscapes. If you are planning to make a bucket list of travelling places, Norway is a must include place. 

When you think about travelling after this pandemic ends, do consider the above-mentioned options. 

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